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  • Jörg Seng

    Executive Management

    Jörg crosses the boundaries of creativity at commotion and as such is in charge of account and project management. With a sure footing, he strolls along the fine line between creativity and feasibility, while juggling with the worlds of imagination, expectation, feasibility and targets, until he holds the perfect concept in his hands. The fact that he does not always take the direct and obvious route lies in the nature of his cross-over character. In the same way as his taste in music is little defined, his ideas are often unusual and unpredictable for the client.

  • Cosmas Albrink

    Concept, Freelancer

    You can rouse Cosmas at night from his sleep and he will tell you the answer to any question, no matter how tricky. That said, waking him at night is normally not necessary: He prefers to work when others are asleep. The theatre man is not only a highly creative person, who works very analytically and meticulously – two souls live, oh woe, inside his bosom - he also has a soft spot and the knowhow for stadium choreographies; whether the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens or the Women’s Football World Cup in Germany.

  • Svenja Luther


    Svenja impresses with her calm and conscientious way of working. Wherever the wind has taken her until now, whether to the Netherlands for her studies or to the US and Australia for various internships, Svenja has never forgotten her roots.

    Had Herbert Grönemeyer not written his hometown anthem already, he would have to do this especially for Svenja : “Bochum, ich komm’ aus Dir.”
    (“Bochum, I was born here”)

  • Zhebo

    Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

    Zhebo was the real boss of the team. As CIO, he was responsible for pushing the team to come up with new ideas, creations and concepts. Whether it was a mental block, a grey rainy day or getting up on the wrong side of the bed - Zhebo knew how to get his people back on track. Most of the time, it was enough to look at them disapprovingly out of black beady eyes over the cuddly crumpled nose and even the worst-tempered event manager has to grin. If that doesn't work, he simply shooed his team around the Baldeneysee. Fresh air is known to stimulate the grey cells.

    Zehbo left us at the proud age of 17.
    RIP my friend!

  • The manufactory team

    "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) In our team we all share the same principles: Enthusiasm and passion for our projects, closeness and empathy with clients, the willingness to take on responsibility, a sense of and grip on reality, attention to detail, talent for improvisation, flexibility and quality consciousness. 


  • Lorena Pietsch



    "Mir kann keener". Yes, our projectmanagerin has long been associated with Berlin. There is actually no place that will not become her second home quickly. Coming from East Westphalia, she especially feels at home in live marketing. Customers can rely on her fulfillment and logistics skills 100%. She is convinced that live marketing does exactly what people particularly miss today: personal exchange, closeness and shared experiences. Also personally Lorena has big ideas: besides sailing and motorcycling, she dreams of driving over the race track with 300 km/h.

  • Judith Krämer

    Producer, Freelancerin

    Judith is half Dutch, half German, and a passionate scuba diver. When not under water, she accompanies Conny and Jörg in their work, which she has been doing since 1998. A true all-rounder, she understands the creative individualist as well as the pragmatic strategist. Her infectious enthusiasm for music is not her only way of spreading good vibrations within the team.


  • Niels Hermann

    Editor, Conceptual Management, Freelancer

    Niels delves into complex topics like no other and works out their gist for the creative department, which, thanks to Niels’ help, can focus completely on its production competences. Despite his Danish roots, Niels is through and through a man from Munich. Not just because he chooses to drink Augustiner beer even when outside of Bavaria is he the ideal local guide for the annual company’s outing to the “Wies’n”.

  • Peter Zobel

    Concept, Director, Freelancer

    Peter is the man for visuals at commotion – pictures are his life and choreography his passion. Whether fashion, design, architecture, theatre or film – Peter knows their history, developments and trends and can rearrange them to create something that is always new. Inspired by own impressions, he inspires his audience in turn. Peter’s imagination and his ability to convert phantasy and illusions into pictures contributes significantly to commotion clients’ events turning out to be unforgettable.

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