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  • EOS Discovery Tour

    Welcome to the Photokina playground: Thousands of cameras, pushing and shoving around the stands. Right in the middle, Canon with its new EOS 400D-camera. Client dentsu Inc. had awarded Peter Zobel  (zobel: film stage concept) the job of offering visitors a new form of trade fair communication and a new product experience. Instead of creating a themed setting as a shooting terrain, interested visitors were invited to what the newspaper “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” referred to as a “photo-safari into the Cologne wilderness”. For whoever had expected to be taken to Cologne Cathedral had to think again. Instead the group was transported to a defunct industrial site; a true playground for photographers of all ages. At this exhibition and B-to-C event, commotion was Peter Zobel’s partner and ensured the smooth running of this interactive product launch.

  • From Classic to Rock

    A finely tuned mixture of information, emotion, exhibition and hospitality in trade fair communication does not only arouse fascination for the brand in the automobile industry. Agricultural engineering is high-tech. Innovations like complete automation and satellite-based control demand new forms of communication and concepts for a modern trade fair presentation. Together with John Deere, commotion delivered pioneering work: In three stages,
    a coordinated concept introduces the visitor to the products and intelligent solutions for agriculture. In stage one a show fascinates and conveys the overall project message. Stage two goes deeper: interactive media modules present further details before stage three offers individual advice and sales discussion.

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