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  • “A40 Still-Leben” (A40 - Still Life)

    On the occasion of the public event “A40 Still-Leben” on the A40 motorway in 2010, commotion conducted a customer loyalty initiative in the form of an authentic French picnic on behalf of petroleum group Total. With this initiative, which took place in the year Essen was European Capital of Culture, Total demonstrated a strong attachment to the Ruhr region, invited its guests and all visitors of the A40 event to meet up in a laid-back atmosphere and contributed cultural content and creativity to the work of art of that day: the Still-Leben A40.
    From tent equipment, sound technology and electric generators to fine catering – the logisticians of the live-marketing manufactory managed to transport, set up and take down the required equipment in the shortest time on the A40 motorway. After all, the motorway had to be ready for cars to pass through without problems the very next day.

  • Galenus-von-Pergamon-Preis

    The Springer Medizin publishing house presented its award for top pharmacological research in a festive awards show. It was commotion’s task, alongside the overall event coordination, to come up with a concept for the award ceremony that created an atmosphere in which the uniqueness of the prizes came alive, the show was established as a social event and the audience got a lasting sensation of emotional involvement.The creative concept was based on a stage performance in three acts. commotion combined theatrical performance, music, dance and artistry to create a dense overall impression. The dense atmospheric impression of the play was complemented by the stage design and the interior design of the ballroom.




  • Performance

    The “Performance” is the word-wide customer event of software company Cognos, which has been part of the IBM group since 2007. In Germany, the “Performance” receives more than 800 guests every year. commotion’s job: Project and coordination and direction of the conference with keynote and break-outs as well as the conception and production of the evening show event.
    The goal of the event: To offer participants, following an extensive conference program with up to 85 lectures, a platform for networking and to strikingly re-enact the overall theme of the event. Whether gala, party or avant-garde style stage-performance, commotion continuously ensured from 2004 to 2012 the successful live communication of an innovative company’s self-concept, and, in doing so, offered an unusual activity for maintaining customer loyalty.


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