Directly to the heart of the target group: „You deserve this!“

"You deserve this!" - Whose heart does not leap for joy when it experiences appreciation and attention? Incentives touch the heart of the target groups directly and arouse enthusiasm. At first, the word simply means reward, but it implies so much more. The years of experience of commotion shows clearly: Events as Incentive in personnel management, selling and marketing work lastingly. A unique experience provides more for the deep emotional connection with employer, team or business partner than material incentives. With the enthusiasm the identification rises. Or use Incentive as a platform for conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. Show your employees or customers appreciation and acknowledgement with an extraordinary event. They deserve that.


Extraordinary: The Incentive repertoire at commotion

Unforgettable, unique moments you won't find in any travel catalogue - for commotion incentive events must be like this. We make sure of that consistently. Examples? For a German insurer, we have organised several incentive trips, including honours for "the best". The special thing about it: The awards did not take place somewhere, but at exclusive locations: Who wouldn't want to get to St. Peter's Square in Rome like the popes once did through secret corridors or have exclusive access to the Vienna State Opera like Emperor Franz I? That makes honour unique.


But it is not only exclusivity that creates unforgettable moments. For a mineral oil company, for example, the aim was to strengthen ties with important business partners. Eating together is one of the most important forms of human social interaction. And we make it an unforgettable experience: commotion conceived an evening as a traditional meal in the Hungarian puszta. Another time the participants were part of a Sicilian village festival - many things are possible. What is crucial is that participants witness extraordinary experiences and magical moments that only you as an incentive sponsor can offer them.


Whether far or near, the world is open to you.

With commotion, the whole world is open to you. We have already organized long distance trips to destinations such as Canada, Cuba or Namibia. But of course, we are also familiar with Europe. How about Greece, Portugal and Scotland or cities like Tallinn, Prague or Valencia? Which destination fits the incentive is not listed in any travel catalogue. We are convinced of that. That's why commotion first of all deals with the goals that you as the client pursue. Only then the right goals and the best setting can be determined with experience, precision craftsmanship and creativity. It can be also a destination in Germany. How about the Rheingau? Centrally located, short journeys, top infrastructure! The Baltic Sea or the Alpine region are also worthwhile as an incentive destination.


Incentive events are no small thing: concept and precision in detail decide

Incentive sounds simple. But it is about much more than organizing a trip. The crucial work takes place at commotion long before departure. First of all, an idea is required and then a well-thought-out concept. We develop this together with our customers, because all details have to fit.

Apart from the rather practical questions: Incentive events need storytelling. A central theme structures the incentive, arranges it and charges your message with exclusivity. The journey tells a story from beginning to end, makes the central statements flash with motifs and fascinates the participants. Exactly in the way you touch the hearts of your target group.


With commotion you can do it.

With commotion at your side, you can rely on our service - from the idea and concept to storytelling, participant management, bookings and implementation with local specialists. We did it successfully in the past and we will do it again for you in an all-round carefree package. Each time new, because our incentives are unrepeatable and unique. Benefit from our many years of expertise! You and your participants will remember it.