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  • Live Interaction at the "AOK Future Day"

    As lead agency, commotion staged and implemented the "AOK Future Day" for AOK Hessen.  On one day in September, the event professionals brought the entire staff of the Hessian AOK together in Wetzlar: 3,600 AOK employees experienced the company vision in a memorable way in presentations and media recordings. The participants discussed intensively and thought about the future together during the panel discussion. The staging with lots of interaction gave the event a very special touch: the feeling of community and the will to shape the future.

  • "BMC Exchange 2019": Staging Opens The Door For Innovation

    The motto "Inspiration for Innovation" was made tangible for 600 participants in the Darmstadtium: keynotes, exhibition, guided tours, explorer workshops with test laboratories and an evening event with a knowledge quiz captivated the participants. The result: Abstract technology and innovation become comprehensible. The corporate brand is sustainably anchored in the target groups. The staging has whetted the appetite for innovation.

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  • Performance

    The “Performance” is the word-wide customer event of software company Cognos, which has been part of the IBM group since 2007. In Germany, the “Performance” receives more than 800 guests every year. commotion’s job: Project and coordination and direction of the conference with keynote and break-outs as well as the conception and production of the evening show event.
    The goal of the event: To offer participants, following an extensive conference program with up to 85 lectures, a platform for networking and to strikingly re-enact the overall theme of the event. Whether gala, party or avant-garde style stage-performance, commotion continuously ensured from 2004 to 2012 the successful live communication of an innovative company’s self-concept, and, in doing so, offered an unusual activity for maintaining customer loyalty.



  • Our House

    Since 2007, ARAG has put its faith in commotion’s expertise for the annual kick-off and management events as well as the New Year opening and sales conference. commotion is in charge of design and project management, and directs the conference part during the daytime as well as the conception and entertainment i.e. the show production of the evening event that also reflects the overall theme of the day.
    The concept of the evening show “Our House” for instance artistically rendered the family character of the company. The division of the event location into rooms recreated the interior decoration of a modern home. The individual subareas symbolized the traditional living areas of a house and thus the different areas in which ARAG insures its customers.



  • In full sail

    The staff looked a bit baffled when they arrived at the kick-off meeting of Total Mineralöl. No traditional conference hall, no stage. Instead, they found themselves in an empty dockyard building in the harbor of Neuss. All that was there were some piles of collapsed cardboard boxes. No, commotion had not got the date of the staff event wrong. The astonished faces were part of the plan to put across the message: “Only if everyone lends a hand can you steer a ship to success.”
    After an experienced skipper had given a briefing, the start signal sounded “Cast off!” Together, everybody folded the cardboard to make seats and hoisted the foresail – the projection screen for the speakers. The conference as a teambuilding event!

  • On Course for Success

    On the occasion its 175th anniversary, a agricultural machinery manufacturer gave its management an unforgettable experience in an event lasting several days, and obtained everyone’s commitment to the joint road of growth and success. “Leadership and Partnership” were the core aspects of the Dealers’ Meeting. A mixture consisting of information provided through lectures, including by external speakers, of inspiration through intensive talks in discussion rounds and, last but not least, an entertainment program with customized shows brought the message over: We’re all in the same boat.Here, commotion was once again able to demonstrate its competence in unusual dramaturgy, creative media staging and exclusive artist production.

  • Schicht im analogen Schacht

    In the end of 2017 commotion designed and realised the annual customer conference “BMC Exchange” for the US-American software group BMC: 600 customers experienced the brand, the company and the product offering with the motto “Digitale Disruption - Schicht im analogen Schacht” up close.
    The colliery Zollverein with its machinery was staged as a metaphoric turning point for the economic changes.
    The daily agenda offered visionary keynotes, profound lectures, live demos and best practice examples. Meanwhile the guests were able to visit the trade exhibition hosted by BMC partners to network.
    In the evening the atmosphere neatly changed: differently themed guided tours took the participants around the colliery terrain and told stories of the once most fashionable and largest colliery in the world. After the sun set the industrial area of the Grand Hall Zollverein transformed to a laid-back street food market, where the guest let the evening end in a smooth atmosphere with a local crafted beer.




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