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  • 100 years of BÄKO

    For BÄKO, the leading purchasing cooperative of bakeries and pastry shops, commotion demonstrated its expertise regarding anniversary celebrations and in doing so showed the sustainability of the cooperative. The concept of the production for the one-day anniversary celebration was based on the symbol of a rope. A rope can carry weight that a single thread could never bear.
    The idea behind the cooperative was thus projected by means of a memorable metaphor: Together we can reach our goals quicker and more accurately. And if several ropes are tied together to make a net, a new image emerges that further highlights the networking approach of a cooperative. As well as the conceptual idea for the anniversary celebration, the commotion team took care of artistic direction, media production and the overall direction and coordination of the event.


  • On Course for Success

    On the occasion of John Deere’s 175th anniversary, the company gave its management an unforgettable experience in an event lasting several days, and obtained everyone’s commitment to the joint road of growth and success. “Leadership and Partnership” were the core aspects of the Dealers’ Meeting. A mixture consisting of information provided through lectures, including by external speakers, of inspiration through intensive talks in discussion rounds and, last but not least, an entertainment program with customized shows brought the message over: We’re all in the same boat.
    Here, commotion was once again able to demonstrate its competence in unusual dramaturgy, creative media staging and exclusive artist production.

  • “Roll up! Roll up!”

    When the participants of WWK kick-off event left the conference room after long meeting, they were taken by surprise: In the conference hall next to theirs a 30-foot high chairoplane was turning to the sound of an old fair organ. Suddenly the employees found themselves visiting a funfair a century before our time.
    WWK wanted to give their team something special on their anniversary and strengthen staff loyalty as well as arouse emotions. The ancient fairground ride from 1918 was combined with other original collector’s items. 120 years of WWK insurance – yet more proof of commotion’s knowhow when it comes to celebrating anniversaries.

More Anniversaries

More Anniversaries